It is very easy to become discouraged; however, we do observe improvement in some areas. Ben is very loving and comfortable with his family, but when others arrive on the scene he prefers to disappear into another room. We believe it is because he does not have the confidence to participate appropriately in conversations that may be going on.

We find it interesting that Ben goes to another room in the house where the computer is. He listens to all conversations that are going on in the living area. Sometimes, the conversation is about current events, history, or geography to which no one knows the answer. Ben, from the other room, answers the question with authority and, of course, it is the correct answer.

Today is November 26th, 2010. We are still working on table manners, personal hygiene, learning to drive, and hunting an appropriate job.
We are still hoping our perseverance and patience will pay off at some time down the road. Giving up is not an option. Ben will be twenty-one in March, 2011.