I haven’t written in quite a while mainly because I have not had anything new to write about. With hesitancy I have decided to tell the truth about what has been happening or about what has not been happening. I have learned that setbacks do happen.

For the past year I felt that Ben was making progress in learning how to seek employment, how to dress appropriately, how to make eye-contact and how to behave in a job interview. In fact, he did learn all of those things; but motivating him to do all of those things is quite another story.

I think I understand why it is so very difficult to motivate him to do the things we all know he should do. He is very aware of his handicap at all times. This includes the fact that he has no friends, and thus, almost no social life except with family. So he rapts himself in his most recent fixation which is playing video games.

Yes, we are at a stand-still now, but I must remind myself again that “giving up” is not an option. So Ben, the family and I will continue to search for ways to help him.