After Ben graduated from high school, he wanted to go to the local community college. He was enrolled at the downtown campus, so he learned to take the city bus. Taking the bus was a big step for him because he had never gone anywhere without at least one family member with him. Riding the bus alone seems so insignificant to most of us, but it was a big thing to Ben. I rode with him one day to make sure he knew how to change to another bus downtown which would then take him to the campus. Learning to ride the bus alone to the campus and getting off at the right place gave him a huge amount of confidence which he had never had before.
After visiting with a counselor, it was decided that Ben would take only three courses, a total of seven hours. We were hoping he would do well in those three courses which would again give him a great deal of self confidence. He was very happy going to college every day just like the other kids his age. Unfortunately, he did not pass either of the three hour courses he took. It is difficult to understand why someone as intelligent as he is could not pass the beginning computer course and a history course. He had been using the computer effectively for several years and Ben loves history and reads history books for fun. It proved to me again that there is a disconnect for him in processing oral language.

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Filed under: Asperger Syndrome

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