Ben has had several part-time jobs, but none has been the kind of job he would want for a long period of time. His first job was retrieving shopping carts from the parking lot and returning them to the store. This job was fine for the first job he had ever had. But now that he is twenty years old, we believe that he is smart enough to do much more than bringing shopping carts back to the store. The difficulty is trying to show employers that he is very smart and can do many things. Sometimes the personnel managers cannot get past the fact that he has had only menial jobs in the past. We wish that they knew more about Asperger’s Syndrome and understood the condition.
We realize more than ever before that having a job is much more important than just making money. Ben needs a reason to get up and get ready for the day. He needs to have a job that will give him self-confidence and pride in doing a “job well done.”

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Filed under: Asperger Syndrome

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