We have found that it is essential to have a good psychiatrist whom we trust to give Ben the meds he needs with the correct dosages. We decided not to depend on negative news about certain drugs that we hear through the news media. We completely have faith in Ben’s doctor to decide the correct treatment for him.
It is also essential that the doctor see Ben periodically to make any adjustments that might be needed. One problem that we dealt with often was the effect of the meds seemed to wear off before Ben could get his homework done in the evenings. If we gave the meds too late in the evening, then his sleep would be interrupted.
Negative reports about some of the meds that Ben takes still appear in the news from time to time. Perhaps some people abuse these drugs or some may prescribe them when they are not necessary. Our family is grateful to the pharmaceutical companies who provide wonderful drugs to make Ben’s life more normal.

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Filed under: Asperger Syndrome

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