This week I was reminded again that we should not assume that Ben understands how to do certain things. In the past I gave him an alarm clock and encouraged him to set the alarm. I explained that it is time for him to accept the responsibility of getting himself up each morning. He had not set the alarm on his clock yet and the reason was that he did not know how to do it. After I very slowly showed him how to do it, he did set the alarm and got himself up and dressed the next morning. His mother was very surprised and pleased that he had done it himself.
Being patient in teaching is extremely important. I have found that telling him one time how to do something usually is not enough. So we must never tire of repeating instructions as many times as it may take. Remember, Ben’s worst handicap is being able to talk and express his thoughts. He could have told me he did not know how to set the alarm clock, but he did not. I had to discover it.

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Filed under: Asperger Syndrome

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