I have already talked about difficulties that Ben has daily. Now I want to stress his strengths. Is that not what each of us should do-look for and stress the particular talents or strengths that each of us has?
I have mentioned on another post that Ben is an excellent writer. He also has a wonderful sense of humor which pops out when we least expect it.
Ben is very generous. When he hears of a special need that someone has, he quickly offers some of his money to help. He is much more sensitive to the needs of others than he has been given credit for. He is aware of a particular health problem that I have, arthritis. Often he will offer to do something for me so that I will not have to walk which he knows is painful for me.
We are thankful to have Ben in our family because he has taught us much about patience, about understanding, and about loving people just the way God made them.

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Filed under: Autism

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