Previously I have discussed the importance of Ben and anyone who has autism or Asperger’s Syndrome being under the care of a physician whose expertise is mental and emotional problems, a psychiatrist. Everyday I observe Ben when he is medicated and when he is not. There is a huge difference. As sad as this sounds, it is true. When he is medicated his behavior is perfectly normal. His conversations are on the level of an adult and he is happy with no mood swings.

I have explained to Ben that I never miss taking the medications that have been prescribed for me. I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient and I know the consequences of skipping even one dose. (I would be in pain and my ability to walk would certainly be affected.) I explain that taking his meds as prescribed is just as important for him as my meds are to me. Getting him to be responsible for taking his medications as prescribed is an on-going difficulty.

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