Ben functions much better when he knows what is going to happen next. That is one reason the schedule taped to his binder was very helpful. Even today, when I pick him up at the bus stop, he wants to know, “What are we going to do now?” If I mention that we need to go shopping he immediately rebels. However, if I say, “Ben, tomorrow when I pick you up at the bus stop, we need to go shopping.” He is much more willing to cooperate if he knows well ahead of time what is going to happen next. He definitely does not like “spur of the moment” plans.
The same is true about touching Ben. He does not like to be surprised by a touch. Before I learned this fact, I poked him with my finger to get his attention. He said, “Don’t touch me like that!” Some might think he was being disrespectful, but I now know he was only protecting himself. Now I ask permission if I want to hug him and I get his attention in other ways.

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Filed under: Autism

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